What Types Of Events Does An Event Manager Organize?

In the fast moving global market, the evolution of IT industry changed everything. But other fields of human life changed too, with new products, technologies, political organizations, etc. One of the innovations are the careers and jobs that haven’t been around in the past. For example, in the beginning of the 20th century, there were no professional snooker players, or web developers, or a telephone sales representative. One of the things that were always around were various events that needed to be organized, but it was usually done by the people attending the events themselves. It would have sounded very strange if someone said that their job is just to plan and organize events for money. But today, an event manager is something that is so common, that people find it hard to believe that all this work was done by amateurs as just an added duty to their regular jobs.

An event manger today is someone that people and companies turn to when an important event has to be perfectly organized. International conferences, weddings and similar occasions are a once in a life time events, and a professional event manager will make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible. Event managers decide on transportation to and from the event, the location, the food, the drinks, the service, the music, etc.

The event planners typically first meet with the clients, in order to discuss the upcoming event, the client’s ides, wishes and preferences. A framework plan is devised, and the event manager immediately starts gathering information and scoping the possibilities. The selection of the location usually is the first thing on the to do list, as it affects all other elements. For example, a large business convention in Paris can’t be held in a restaurant, even if it is in the middle of Champs-Élysées. On the other hand, if you are a wedding planner in Mumbai, a restaurant in the center of the city could be a perfect solution. The logistic of the event includes the sitting arrangement, the opening or closing ceremonies, the accommodation of the participant, the flowers for the celebration, the wedding band, a professional wedding photographer and much more.

An event manager’s job is not done once all the arrangement have been made, one could argue that the real job is just beginning. The real time coordination at the event itself could prove to be more important that the pre-event organization. There will always be some unpredicted thing, it can be as insignificant as the misspelled name of the conference participant, broken dishes, etc. or something as serious as power failure. This is the time to shine for every great organizer. Improvisation can make the difference between an unforgettable wedding and a catastrophe for the bride and the groom. A good wedding planner has to have a plan B and a plan C for everything that could go wrong. Similarly, an experienced business convention organizer can predict what problems and difficulties might occur in the convention, and prevent it before they even happen.

Any event that has been planned, organized and monitored by a professional event manager has all the prerequisites to be a success. The job is often stressful, demands a lot of improvisation skills and has to be done by someone that can keep and perform under pressure. On the other hand, the satisfaction of being responsible for a successful conference that ended a war, or for someone’s special day, can’t be matched by anything else.


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