What Does A Wedding Planner Actually Do?

You know all those glamorous wedding you see in the magazines and on TV shows, where everything looks like a fairy tale? Well, that is basically what a wedding planner does, he makes your wedding look and feel like a fairy tale. Isn’t that the dream of every single woman on the planet?

She idea and the pretext remains the same, the methodology and cultural matrix of a certain civilization are all that change. A wedding planner in Chennai will have the exact same task as the wedding planner in Paris, to create a wedding that will be remembered and awed. Although they have the same task in hand, their wedding will look and feel completely different, and that is actually the whole point! Everybody can go online and google “best wedding ideas”, but the trick is to have the best wedding for you and your guests, not just to copy something that works for somebody else! A wedding planner in Denver, Colorado will probably take full advantage of the mountain and snow atmosphere, while a wedding planner in Mumbai is bound to make use of the beautiful ocean. So what to expect from your wedding planner?


First, you will need to meet and discuss your expectations, terms and conditions, etc. This will immediately help the planner to set the groundwork in his head, and come up with some preliminary ides. Sometimes, the bride and groom to be already have some sort of prearranged setting, such as a specific restaurant, a special theme color or their favorite wedding band. On other occasions, all of this is left to the professional. Off course, his proposals are not set in stone, and a good wedding planner will usually offer you bunch of ideas to choose from. Already having lots of experience enables him to filter out the bad ideas, and offer you only the best solutions, from which to choose. Also, being present at numerous wedding before, he could give you a hint on why your idea could have some disadvantages, and work with you to optimize it, keeping your original wishes in mind.

A good wedding planner, in let’s say, Bangalore, will have all the important contacts, from the best wedding photographer in Bangalore, the best lighting expert in town, the best vendors in the area, and all those people and companies specialized in making your happiest day perfect. Trying to find the best and most affordable option by yourself could prove to be a time consuming and tedious job, and there is no time to waste when you are about to get married! Also, money is an important issue for all people in this economy, and a wedding planner could actually save you money on the wedding, that you can maybe invest in a perfect honey moon?

As we said, every wedding is different, and every wedding planner does different things for different people, so to define what exactly does a wedding planner do could be an impossible task. To put it in a nutshell, he will do everything you ask him to do, better than you could have done it yourself! The question is not can you afford to hire a wedding planner, the question is can you afford not to hire one!


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