Wedding Planners All Set To Weave Your Dreams Into Reality!

January 26, 2015 by DreamAdim     

The cultural capital of India is Kolkata. It is also one of the metropolitan cities of India. But the majority of the population here is Bengali and therefore, Bengali weddings are highly practiced in Kolkata. Here the marriages are filled with cultures, rituals and customs. People of different culture lives here and they also plan their weddings which are full of traditions and rituals. Whether it’s a Bengali wedding or wedding of any culture, the Indian wedding is a big fat affair which is the matter of pride to host and a privilege to attend, but never easy to organize. It can become easy only if you are having an army of dedicated and skillful people who are exceptionally good to handle responsibilities on their shoulder.



Weddings function is having various traditions no matter what culture it belongs to such as if we see typically Kolkata Bengali wedding then it has various rituals as: the bride’s and groom’s gaye Holud, the Beeye and the Bou Bhaat. These are functions which are performed different days. There are many rituals and traditions which are different in every culture but in India all weddings are done in a grand way. Initially wedding in Kolkata were done in small marriage halls but time has taken its pace. Now all metro cities Kolkata has also adopted the fashion of grand wedding which are done in marriage gardens on star rated hotels.




The concept of theme based wedding has emerged with introduction of wedding planners. A wedding planner is the person who makes your wedding go smoothly and helps you to organize this event as it is the most important event in your life. Wedding planners are those who translates your vision from the dream into reality. Planners make marriage celebrations larger than the rest, their consultants chalk out your wedding plans on the basis of your budget, personal requirements and expectations like hosting a wedding that will be appreciated by all the guests. By appointing a wedding planner in Kolkata or any other metro cities, you will be less busy handling all the duties and you will enjoy every moment of the occasion. Wedding-planners provide one stop solution for wedding related events not only in Kolkata but all across India. Your wedding will be a function where you don’t have to run for small-small things and you will be tension free in attending all guests. The planner will plan all the things such as wedding logo, consulting, coordinating each element from wedding venue to theme wedding, first dance to the last good bye, not only this but the couple’s honeymoon also. They are the persons who will be responsible for each event in the wedding functions; therefore they have the detail study of every event. Wedding planner in Kolkata work closely with you and your family to know your requirement of a perfect wedding and to weave such dream to reality. It’s not necessary that you should want a royal exotic wedding for you can always make it simple. And hiring a wedding planner helps you stay away from tension and make your wedding memorable. Wedding planners make use of the best vendors from across the globe who will suit your budget, offering the best quality and highly reliable services considering their lengthy years of experiences. The person who can weave your dream perfectly is a planner.Wedding planner services vary from creating a budget, wedding checklist, providing ideas, inspiration, helping choose the right wedding vendors, and many more. So, they will be with you every step of the way and help you to conceptualize and create the theme and vision you have for your wedding. Your wedding should be perfect whether you believe in simplicity or you opt for glamour and style.





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