Wedding Planners in India Can Make Your Vision a Reality!

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India capital city New Delhi is famous for its lavish weddings. In these types of wedding huge, amount of money is splurged mainly on decorations to make the wedding day grand. Brides here are beautiful and look more attractive in traditional Indian wedding dresses. In Indian tradition, brides mainly wear a red color heavy work lehenga with heavy gold and kundan jewelry. Not only Delhi but in India, marriages are very important part of the whole family of the groom and bride. Marriages in India are unions between two families and that’s why there are lots of preparations done to make the event successful.





As families of bride and groom are involved, there are many negotiations, consultation and agreements done in the families before the wedding day. There are many talks and discussion made between two families such as financial, future plans, etc. These discussions are made because family members are concerned and they want that their children will marry the right person and live happily ever after. As the Indian tradition goes; the marriages in Delhi are planned in hotels, with groom riding a horse, drums playing and people dancing. Indian marriages are full of traditions and rituals. The wedding is just one day but there are various other functions prior to the wedding like Mehendi Night, Sangeet Night, etc. These all are the traditions which are now converted to fashion and status symbol, therefore they are planned to be grand. There is a party after marriage which is called reception. That too is a big affair.

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Wedding planner in Delhi has emerged to be very successful nowadays. Wedding in Delhi displays customs of India, not only customs but luxury marriages which are rich in traditions including Indian dance, Indian music, etc. For the families it becomes very difficult to plan such a grand wedding. Therefore they go for a planner to plan the wedding well. In wedding, decorations are done which are equal to decorations in the palaces. Make-up and dresses all are handled by the planner as Delhi people have amazing sense of fashion. Once the wedding planner take all the tension from the families which can involve the large food-menu expected to be mind blowing. Now you don’t have to worry regarding crappy vendors, you can enjoy with your relatives, dance and have full enjoyment. Carry all exciting things with you and give boring things to the planner.




When you appoint a planner you don’t have to worry about the pre-wedding, wedding day and post wedding preparations. Wedding planners in Delhi has to act very efficiently because they know that if they present and perform their responsibilities well, they will get their clients satisfaction and pose future potential business. Planner should aim that their client will be happy and get whatever they want or decide. Wedding planner is the person who makes your dream come true and turn your vision to reality. In Delhi, people outsource the event rather than engage one’s self into planning and thereby choosing wedding planner to plan their grand wedding with more ease and comfort. As the wedding function is grand and everyone want everything to be the best, the planner should have large database for all the vendors related to the marriage, which will make one’s work smooth. The bride, groom and their family member can now enjoy the wedding by giving all the responsibility to the planner. She will be the person who will glamorize your wedding by doing proper plans may be the flower decorations or food catering.


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