Things You Need to Know About Indian Weddings

March 13, 2015 by DreamAdmin

If you live in the western part of the world, you will find Indian wedding a lot different from the usual marriage ceremony that you know of. The ceremony, attire and decorations are just totally different. However, if you want to know India’s culture then attending an Indian wedding is a must. In this 5 hours event, you will have an insight on Indian family ties and culture.


Below are some distinct characteristics of Indian wedding:

Expect lavish food preparations



For Indians, marriage is a very important event in one’s life. Hence, it deserves all the celebration and festivities. And it will never be complete without serving so much food. Prepare to loosen your salwar’s drawstring since majority of mouthwatering Indian stuff will surely be served. Indian wedding menus vary according to the couple’s preferences. They can be Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, South Indian and even foreign menus. Of course the best choice is the one caters  most to the visitors’ taste.


Surprisingly, Indian wedding planning can be a piece of cake

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Indian weddings can last to as long as 5 hours. The rituals, ceremonies and grandiose set-up may make you think that its preparation can be very hard. The good news is; there are a lot of wedding planners that you can hire whether it be in Delhi, Kolkota, Jaipur, Bangalore and any other places in India. In fact, these pros can help you plan the event in just one day!


Here, you can wear your finest jewelry




Indian weddings are the best event where you can never be overdressed. Here you will find Indian apparels in all styles and galore. And yes, gold jewelries are very common. In fact, you can wear your cubic zirconia here and no one will even notice you. After all, everybody exposed their finest jewelries as well.



Colors and colors everywhere

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There is no other event that can be more colorful than an Indian wedding. Unlike other brides wearing white dresses, Indian Hindu tradition requires that an Indian bride must have a touch of red, mixed with other colors especially gold. These colors have important representations on the couple’s marriage and the life that they will spend together thereafter. The wedding venue looks as colorful as well. They use colored draperies, colored lights and guests wear colorful apparels. An Indian wedding will be such a very colorful day and because of this, you can’t be too colorful since it this is what the event should be.


Notice their family ties



Attend an Indian wedding and you will know how Indians handle family ties. It seems all relatives are present and they are as concern to the wedded couple as if they are their immediate family. Indeed it is true that when you are marrying an Indian woman, you are also marrying her family. Hence, your goal is not only to please your girl but also all of her significant others.


Indian wedding is fun

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If you think that Indian weddings are just sets of boring rituals and ceremonies then you are definitely wrong. This festive event is a mixture of serious marriage vows followed by a fun-filled celebration. Get the chance to meet a lot of people. And when I say “a lot” I really mean a lot! Hence, Indian wedding ceremonies and celebrations are always worth attending for.


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