The Importance Of A Wedding Photographer

A dilemma is often present in couples about the get married – Should we hire a wedding photographer, or just let somebody with a good camera take the photos? The decision the couple makes here leads to the only 2 possible outcomes. First, the bride and the groom are left with the astonishing and artistic images of their happiest day, which they will proudly show to their children and grandchildren. And the second, which leaves the newlyweds with a bunch of blurry pictures, taken in the wrong moment, from the wrong perspective.

What makes a good wedding photographer is not only an expensive camera. The skill, the patience and the experience of a professional wedding photographer mean more than any piece of equipment ever could. Being present in countless weddings, he knows the exact times and places the best pictures are made. He knows your local culture and customs, so nothing can surprise him. As an example, if you hire a wedding photographer in Mumbai, you can rely on him to be on the spot with every possible Indian wedding tradition and ritual. With Indian weddings lasting for days, a wedding planner in Mumbai would also be a brilliant idea.

Lighting is essential to a good photography. A professional wedding photographer knows the Sun in his territory, and can easily adjust his lenses to take full advantage of the scenery. A wedding photographer in Kolkata is going to be using different settings to “harvest” the day light then a wedding photographer in Bangalore.


Your wedding photographer won’t miss the first kiss, or the happy tears of the families, because he got emotional. You can’t rely on your best friend to think about taking pictures when he is focused on the dinner or the toast. Wedding photographer always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. If anything goes wrong with the camera, he will always have a backup one, making sure that there is enough memory space, battery life, etc. If he is by any chance stuck somewhere, or sick, he always has a second shooter ready to jump in.

There is also a huge misconception present about the prices of wedding photographers. This will never be the greatest item on your expenditure list for the wedding, and yet, it is going to be one of the few, if not the only thing, that you will have forever! You only pay your wedding photographer once, but his work becomes a heritage of your entire family and generations to come. We all have some old wedding pictures of our ancestors that we are very fond of, even if they are gone. More money will be spent on flowers, music, service, etc. but only your photographs will be left to remind you of the best day of your life! And be sure that every decent wedding planner will insist on having a professional wedding photographer.

So before you consider opting for a “friend with a good camera”, consider that it will not only be a decision that will affect one special day. It will be a decision that will follow you your entire life, leaving you with a bunch of blurry, crocked and unclear photographs and memories. And memories are what makes us what we are.


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