Indian Wedding Provide Inspiration For Wedding Photographers

Weddings can be lovely and delightful celebrations of love, or they can be boring and awkward social events. It all depends on the culture, and off course, the spectator. Someone coming from a hot-blooded southern culture would probably find a wedding in peaceful northern upper-class atmosphere pretty tedious and uneventful, while an aristocrat would be astounded by the explosion of colors and weird rituals at a rural wedding in a distant civilization. Indian weddings are all but boring. Indian civilization and tradition, perhaps the oldest in the world, has established numerous customs and rituals that all take place at the wedding ceremony. Off course, the wedding planner in Bangalore or Jaipur would know everything there is to know about the traditional wedding, and would make sure to hire a professional wedding photographer to capture all the right moments.

A good wedding photographer will need to cover all the bases of the wedding. He should never be surprised by some tradition or ritual, that can catch him off guard and unprepared to take photos. A wedding photographer in Mumbai must be completely familiar with the Indian wedding culture to do his job properly.

Indian weddings are usually divided into three separate elements, the pre wedding, the main event, and the post wedding. The pre wedding time element is there so that the families can get to know each other before the big day, and pictures of the first moments that families are together can be invaluable in the coming years. A Pandit conducts a prayer with family members for the happiness of the happy couple. A lot of flowers, milk and honey are an integral part of the event. The sister of the bride is likely to try to steal the groom’s shoe, that he will have to pay for, which is an excellent photo opportunity. The wedding saree is tied to the groom’s scarf to depict the bound of their souls. Older family member then tie a cord around the necks of the couple, to protect them from evil. Instead of rings, which are used in the Western cultures, Mangala Sutra is tied around the neck of the bride. It is a cord with two gold pendants, and a wedding photographer should definitely know that this is a very important image to have and keep. The circling around the fire four times should also provide an excellent opportunity for the photographer to take advantage of the light and make spectacular pictures. The traditional game that forecasts who will be in charge in the household, called Aeki Beki is revered, and something that will be a very found memory of the future man and wife.

All these rituals, and many many more, are something a wedding photographer must be familiar with, so he can be at the right spot at the right time, taking amazing pictures and making memories that will be kept by the couple forever, and passed to the following generations. The cultural diversity is what defines a man’s identity, and the dearest pictures are the ones that represent the cultural affiliation, especially on such an important day.


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