How To Choose A Good Wedding Photographer

The funny thing about a wedding photographer is that you get what you paid for only after the wedding, when there is no more going back. You can sample the food, flowers, audition the band etc. all before the wedding, and simply choose the best option for the ceremony, but with photos, it’s too late to be sorry once you end up with blurry, low quality photos. Your special day is over, so this can be the most important decision regarding the wedding.

The first thing you need, before you even decide what photographer to hire, is a clear idea of what you want. If you are not quite sure what you want, there is a chance that even high quality photos won’t be what you asked for. So, choose a style of photos you like. Perhaps it’s a trendy style of pastel colors, or the classic black and white version. Be sure to tell your photographer exactly what you want, you will make his job a lot easier.


After that, you need to consider is your wedding photographer familiar with your local customs and rituals. For example, a wedding photographer in Delhi needs to know the standard rituals and dynamics of a traditional Indian wedding. You don’t want him to miss an important moment because he thought something else was more interesting. A wedding photographer in Delhi would also have to have a pretty good idea of what Indian people like, and what kind of photographs would be welcomed.

Sometimes, the wedding planner, if you hire one, can recommend a wedding photographer that he trusts and works with. This is always a good idea, since you can harvest the synergy of two professionals who know each other’s work and capabilities. But just in case, always be sure to look at the portfolio, and see for yourself what you are getting.

A good piece of advice is to ask your photographer to do a preliminary shooting, a week or two before the wedding takes place. Take him somewhere spectacular, and let him take some shots of you and your loved one, just to get a quick peek at what you are getting after the wedding. Off course, you can judge the photographer just by that, but maybe it can inspire you to make some adjustments and figure out some new ideas.


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