Hiring a Wedding Planner for Your Big Day

February 07, 2015 by DreamAdmin  

So, you have finally set the date of your wedding day. This may pose a lot of pressure on your part. For most brides and grooms to be, it will be a “first time experience”. Hence, it is but natural to have an ambivalent feeling about it. But the good news is; weddings don’t need to be very complicated. In our modern world, we can get the help that we need; even in our preparation to get married. A wedding planner is always ready to rescue couples who have no idea where to start in their wedding preparation. And if you happen to live in Mumbai, you will surely end up with many wedding planner options to choose from.


Why hire wedding planners



This person has facilitated many wedding events in the past. Hence, she knows the best and the worst thing that can happen in such an affair. Hence, if you want to be sure things will fall on their proper places on this big day, then hire someone who can assure you that everything will happen as it should be. Don’t ask your sister or best friend to do the planning for you. After all, important people like them deserve to enjoy and savor the event too!


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The cost of a wedding planner will all depend on the package that you avail. If you are short of budget, you can get the cheapest option which can be as low as $400. Others may charge you a thousand dollar for their services and even more. Just remember to stick to your budget so your wedding expenses will not go overboard.

What to expect from their services

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Wedding planners can help you in many ways. They can suggest good venues, florists, caterers and photographers. That is why when you set a date to talk with them, the first session will all be everything about your intended budget. They will ask you on your preferred wedding size and offer you good options that will fit your budget. Sometimes, they also work with local companies, making it easier for them to help you tap the services that you need for your wedding.


When to contact a wedding planner



You need to start seeing your wedding planner at least a year before your wedding or as soon as you have set your wedding date.  The longer the preparation time; the better. This gives you enough time to decide on the details of your wedding with less pressure. After you have made up your mind on the budget and wedding size, your wedding planner will get in touch with you through email and may meet you at least once a month for updates. However, hire someone whom you can have communication access anytime you want to. This is important especially when making emergency changes.

Remember that proper planning will make everything work as you want it to be. And hiring a wedding planner will enable you to plan your wedding accordingly, having the advantage of getting an expert advice. And passing on the daunting task of planning your wedding to someone else allows you to enjoy your big day.


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