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A wedding is one of the most important days in the life every man and woman. Accidentally, it is at the same time one of the most stressful events that you will ever go through. Weddings with numerous rituals and customs, such are the wedding in cultures with long history can be especially tiresome, so perhaps hiring a wedding planner would be a good move. An Indian wedding, as an example, is an event filled with colorful rituals, traditions and symbolism, and getting a wedding planner in Mumbai could save you a lot of time and money. If you decide to go ahead and organize the entire event by yourself, here are some of the things, dubbed the crucial elements of a successful wedding, you should keep your eye on.

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The venue could make even a perfectly organized wedding go south, as it is probably the most important element of any event, including a wedding. You should visit numerous places before you pick one out, as your ideas may not be possible to implement in the venue that is perhaps the most beautiful one. The most important attribute of a venue is the capacity to accommodate your wishes without much rearrangement. So, even if you find the most beautiful county side villa of your dreams, if it doesn’t fit in with your other wedding ideas (parking, sitting arrangement, etc.) it is always better to pick a different one that will make your life so much easier.

The entire atmosphere of the wedding depends on the music background, so the band that you opt for has to be up to the task. Even if your brother’s best friend has a great college band, you don’t want to risk your wedding just so you could be a good sport. Bands that specialize in weddings have lots of experience, and can “read” the situation, adjusting the playlist to the wedding dynamic, or even create one if you need a boost in the atmosphere. Be sure to make your first dance experience the best dance experience in your life.

The sitting arrangement can seem like the last thing you would want to worry about, but the wedding is all about the people, and people tend to be more relaxed if they are surrounded by familiar people of the same age. Don’t mix too much, because you are operating with a limited time window, and you don’t want your guest to spend the first three hours of your wedding getting to know each other and breaking the ice, instead of dancing and having fun!

The wedding photographer is the one that will help you keep the memories forever. As we mentioned earlier, traditional wedding ceremonies, like an Indian wedding ceremony, is filled with interesting rituals, and you want someone who knows the local customs to take the photos. A wedding photographer in Delhi will know exactly when and where he should be to capture the magical moments of the ancient traditions passed on for generations and generations. The memories you have in the wedding photos will be treasured for the rest of your life, and perhaps became a part of your family’s heritage for the generations to come.

It is paramount to consider how much time you need to do all this and a million of other little thing to make your wedding perfect. The last thing you want all the pressure to build up in the last couple of days before the wedding, and make it a living nightmare. Maybe hiring a professional wedding planner sounds much better now?


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