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Indian weddings are one of the events which are highly celebrated in the country with full of enthusiasm and zeal by Indian families. In India every state has its own rituals and the wedding events which are mainly based on their religion and rituals. The culture in India is filled with diversities and are connected to the individual’s emotion. In the country’s wedding, there are lots of functions apart from the various Indian ceremonies; food, music and dance of different sorts. All these constitute a great part in the celebration. There are many fun wedding games and all ceremonies are different from each other.


Mumbai is the city in which you will just instantly fall in love. It is surrounded by a gorgeous skyline and beautiful views of the beaches. Mainly all want their marriages to be done in Mumbai that is why it is said to be ‘wedding venue paradise’. It is very dynamic and has large area for the weddings of any style, size and budget.  There is no shortage of venues to choose from, whether you are choosing ballrooms, hotels, outdoor lawns or beach facing gazebos everything is available to plan you dream wedding. In Mumbai wedding can be easily planned because here you can have world-class wedding suppliers and luxurious accommodations available.




Ceremonies of wedding differ from one major religion to the next but there is full enjoyment and lots of foods and drinks available in every wedding. For example the typical Hindu wedding would have the symbolic Seven Pheras wedding ceremony, the Kanyaadan, Mangalsutra and Baraat. This is for sure that the ceremonies are conducted according to the rituals which differ with different communities. All have their own traditions that add their own special flavor. And of course marriages have different wedding ceremonies and traditions. There are few common ceremonies like Mehendi, haldi, Sangeet, etc. Today many couples want to get married in proper traditional Indian way. Not only Indian couples are attracted but foreign couples are also attracted by seen the liveliness and generosity.

Wedding planning is not an easy task to perform. It needs lots of precision and therefore we need wedding planners. Wedding planner in Mumbai has the strong foundation and dedicated team of consultants to provide top-notch wedding planning. They are having robust experience and are expertise in planning. They mainly have there our own in-house production unit and floral decor team. Wedding planner help you to plan your wedding according to way you wanted in very smooth manner. Moreover they have knowledge of vendor prices and quality of the entire product required for the grand function. They offer various theme wedding which will help you to plan your wedding in different themes. They will not just provide guiding lights, but take burden of wedding from your head. No issues what’s your styles and budget, they will love to work and help you to create an exceptional event right from engagement to couples honeymoon.




Hiring wedding planner in Mumbai is very necessary because if you don’t opt for planner then you will be just busy in managing and not able to enjoy the wedding. They will ensure that all your money, time and effort invested in organizing should be worthwhile. Their main aim is to take all tension from you and help you to relax and just enjoy meeting your relatives. This means to bring your dream vision to life. This will be big day of your life therefore you should select one of the best wedding planners which suits your personal preferences and budget. This step will definitely help you to bring your dream into reality. So just appoint one and relax yourself!


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