An Indian Wedding Needs A Professional Touch


Every ancient culture and civilization is so complex and full of symbolism, that it could look very strange and peculiar to an outsider.  Numerous customs, which are derived from primordial habits and society rules, could seem out of place in modern times, but they are the ones responsible for a cultures authenticity. Preserving the tradition in the face of all engulfing globalization processes is essential in the struggle for a culture to remain unique and special. There are few, if any, cultures and civilizations in the world that can compare to the Indian civilization and vast cultural heritage.

One of the most important days in the life of any man or woman in the world is surely the wedding day. Indian men and women are no different. Indian weddings are characterized by tradition, beautiful rituals and, most of all, lots and lots of fun! The first image of an Indian wedding in anybody’s head is a picture of people dancing in joy, colorful ambience, lots of flowers and, off course let us not forget, so much food!Indian civilization is full of rituals and traditions, and weddings can go on for hours and hours, even days. Even they are long, and potentially exhausting, no one is left unsatisfied after! But, in order to make this long process as pleasant and memorable as possible for all the guests, especially for the happy couple, more and more Indian couples, and even non-Indians that fell in love with the Indian culture, decide to hire professional assistance.

Every bride’s dream is to have someone there to help her make all her childhood images of perfect wedding to come to life. All women are princesses, and all deserve a “royal” wedding. Wedding planers are a gift from the Heavens, for all the brides, and especially for the busy grooms. Thing get exponentially more important, now that we are talking about an Indian wedding. Wedding planers in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and other Indian cities are faced with more business than ever! They are professionals at what they to, so there is not a single thing that will be left unchecked, and left to chances. From the customs, the food, the sitting arrangement, flowers, music, and all those “little” things that make your special day extra special, all are going to be meticulously planned and supervised by your wedding planner. For example, a wedding planner in Kolkata will definitely have a different approach from a wedding planner in Delhi, making sure that he takes full advantage of the climate, local customs, etc.

Now that your wedding planner has made your wedding day absolutely incredible, you wouldn’t want to rely only on photos from guests’ mobile phones and a couple pf amateur snapshots of your important day. A wedding photographer is one of the crucial elements of a well-planned wedding. The optimal solution is for your wedding planner and your wedding photographer to work together, so you get the full benefits of the planner’s ideas, and the photographer’s talent. A wedding photographer from Jaipur will definitely have an idea where to take the happy couple for their artistic pre or post wedding photo session, while a wedding photographer in Bangalore would probably take a different approach.

You should never rely on amateurs to do any kind of important business. The DIY projects and the self-taught artists are meant to be used in every-day activities that have no real significance. But a thing that is as important as a wedding, especially an Indian wedding ought to be organized and overlooked by a professional, that will devote his entire time to making sure that everything goes smooth, and all you are left with are beautiful memories, and perfect photos of all those miraculous moments.



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