In life, we often give rooms for improvement and errors. However, there are instances when we don’t want to apply this rule and one perfect example is during our own matrimonial ceremony. We want everything on this event to be perfect. We find this the best time to turn our fantasy wedding a reality. But how can we savor every bit of such experience if we are not organized right from the start? The preparation phase can be fun but getting insufficient information builds pressure during the entire process. This gave me an idea to create a site where you can find everything you need in just one webpage. Hence, whether you need some information on wedding photography, gifts, venue, foods, flower and other wedding essentials, you know exactly where to go! Hence, this saves you from getting frustrated and makes the entire preparation process easy and fun.

Since I am just head over heels on Indian weddings, I have designed this site to cater all wedding essentials for such ceremony. I have selected local writers from different parts of the country who are expert wedding planners. And since they did not only witness many Indian weddings but also live the country’s culture, you can be assured that nothing will be missed at this period of your life when you will be sealed as one with your spouse. Your journey in life as a couple will start here as you read the posts on this site, Dream EventsIQ.

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